About Us

Nestled high among the snowy peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is a unique group of skilled artisans dedicated to preserving the best that nature has to offer. Aspen Rustictakes an innovative approach to offering the finest and most unique rustic and western inspired home furnishings uniquely suited to a mountain lifestyle infused with casual elegance and nature’s vibrant simplicity.

The Aspen Rustic idea started years ago as a small cooperative of local artisans here in the high Colorado Rocky Mountains, who collectively have acquired principles of tradition the world over and adapted them to the unique flavor of western America. Simply put, Aspen Rustic was born of the vision to harmonize design, nature, and functional art into home décor of true character and comfort.


Update: We now hand craft all of our pool tables and fine furniture here at our Austin Texas location and subsequently have grown in size, because well, it’s TEXAS.

Aspen Rustic is committed to providing the finest quality rustic and western home furnishings and accessories through custom interior design projects, retail sales, and a convenient online shopping gallery, in an effort to enhance the character and spirit of our clients’ home. Dedicated to the value of high quality craftsmanship and knowledgeable personal customer service, Aspen Rustic will strive to become the complete resource for furnishings of character and natural beauty.

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Our Crew

Kirk Modglin

Back in 1996, Kirk started Sleepyhollow Woodsmen, a wood shop dedicated in name and spirit to both of his grandfathers who had passed along the appreciation of quality craftsmanship, simple, fluid design and of course a love of woodworking. This company carried on for years as his outlet for building unique, one of a kind pieces of “functional art” and furniture. Gradually he became known in central Colorado and beyond for his refined rustic style and use of reclaimed woods in many of his designs. In the early 2000’s he started “Aspen Rustic Inc.” to better represent the evolving group of diverse artisans, and now years later, with the help of some very talented craftsmen, they have built a reputation as the leader in hand crafted rustic pool tables.


When you decide to start your own Woodworking Shop, you are required local ordinance to also have your very own shop dog. Aspen Rustic has been lucky enough to have some great “shop dogs” over the years and Clover is no exception. In only 18 months she has risen to become our elected ‘Branch Manager’ so I think she’s going to ‘stick around’ for a while. 

Here’s to the happy thoughts of Mugsie, Romeo, Ruger, Raul Eduardo , Moe, Django, Bear, Brandy, and others that have spent the work day along side the craftsmen frolicking in the saw dust. If you read that statement as ‘the craftsmen were also frolicking in the saw dust’, you are quite possibly right.

Eric H

Eric H. has been working alongside Kirk for many years. The two have grown up together and share many of the same hobbies and interests such as Historic ReEnacting, Camping, Motorcycling, Rock Climbing and other outdoor adventures, and an appreciation for working with ones hands. With a passion for old Westerns, Eric also works in the film industry as Actor, Screenwriter, short-film Director (read:director of short films rather than film director of diminutive stature). Among his many talents he is also a published author of 6 novels! His new Western Novel is out called “West to Bravo” and we wish him future success.

We are friends

After a hard day of work

Emily M

Emily has joined Aspen Rustic Inc and shared her extensive experience in art history, illustration, and her wonderful personality. She helps out around the shop in many different projects as well as an occasional furniture delivery trip. You might enjoy her Billiard Room Art within our Gameroom section.

Chris M

Chris was hired as a welder to help us with our newer steel framed pool table designs when Billy and Kirk were too busy with the woodworking projects. He’s easy going, funny (looking?) and immediately fit right in here. I think the first job we had him working on was wooden foosball handles so it just proves he can “handle” anything we give him. For a glimpse of some of his work, check out our custom billiard light we designed together and built for a client. Also, we have teamed up together to design and hand forge our own line of fireplace tools that are rugged enough to carry the Aspen Rustic brand.

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