Billiard Table Slate

Aspen Rustic uses only the best quality materials in our table construction. A measure of quality play begins with the essence, or backbone of the table, which is the slate. 

One-inch thick slate is the only thickness approved by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for tournament use. This thickness ensures the truest and most accurate play due to the extra weight. Both sides of the slate are diamond-honed, and the slate is then backed with a wood frame.

A three-piece Italian or Brazilian slate is used in the construction of our tables. With three separate pieces of slate, precise leveling is attained, and each section can be calibrated individually to ensure a perfectly leveled billiard table. More about this “tournament guideline” can be found by clicking the link below.

The slate we use

Slate is a type of natural stone found in many parts of the world and is used extensively in the building trades because of its durability . There are many different types of slate but only the best, most uniform and stable forms can be used in high end pool tables. We have found that slate sourced from certain regions of Italy and Brazil are most valuable for tables made here at Aspen Rustic Inc.

We purchase only the slate that has met strict criteria specific to the pool table industry. Whenever possible we use genuine Italian Slate because it carries with it a symbol of heritage dating back centuries. Although it has been found that with slate that originates in Italy and the slate that comes from Brazil are nearly identical, during the winter months and certain other times throughout the year, Italian slate has limited availability because many of the quarries close that are located high in the hills where snow limits accessibility.