The Details

We offer a level of custom options that can really make a truly hand made pool table fit your own personal style like it is supposed to. This section helps navigate many of the unique features you can include in the design of your rustic pool table but if there is something you don’t see here, mention it to our helpful and knowledgeable furniture designers to see if it is something we can incorporate.

Use this area of our site for reference, we'll be there to help when you're ready!

You can always call us at any time during the process. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the perfect table!

The special details

"Details Gallery"

See a few examples of the custom details that make our tables stand out among others by clicking here (under construction)

The Custom Options

Woods / Materials

Click here for more information about our woods and material choices to consider

Felt Color

Click here to see samples of the many color options for your billiard table cloth

Aiming Sights

For examples of some of our favorite custom Aiming Sights, click here


Find out more about our Pocket Surround and Leather choices we have available by clicking here

Other Quality Elements

The Slate

We use tournament approved 1″ thick three piece backed slate for our custom pool table construction. Click here for more information

Rail Cushions

Next to the slate, the rail cushions (or bumpers) are the most important element to the accuracy and consistant play in a pool table. K-66 style Gum Rubber cushions are required by the Billiard Congress of America for tournament play. 

The finishing Touches

Clipped Corner Style

Stone "Boiler Plate"

Unique Top Rails

End Caps -Beam

Helpful Information

Keeping Level

Contrary to the leveling challenges faced by factory made pool tables, Aspen Rustic has integrated a discrete series of easy to use corner point leveling devices built into the structure of the table. You may never even see or need to use this device because our tables are built with strength and integrity, but it is nice to know that leveling a table can take as little as two minutes. This principle alleviates the need to disassemble a table to re-level it; a common practice for those other manufacturers.