Ball Racks

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Custom made Ball Racks, also called “Triangle”, are included with every Aspen Rustic pool table purchased.  We build these ball racks using the same woods and rugged styling found in our unique tables.  Each is hand built, one-of-a-kind, and further shows our attention to every detail important to our customers.  Special requests can be made for other designs, for 9 ball racks, or for other games of personal interest.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

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Organic / Log Style

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Refined / Exotic

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Refined and Exotic

Your Rustic Game Room

Many game rooms have taken shape using our helpful tips offered (here). We work with Interior Designers and Architects to perfectly compliment our clients personal style. Visit our Game Room Gallery page by clicking the photo.

Game Room Gallery

Other Game Accessories

We offer many other game room accessories to complete your rustic game room. Visit our Accessories section by clicking (here)


These custom ball racks are currently only available to our clients that order a custom built Aspen Rustic Pool Table. A small gift included with the pool table purchase, and perhaps a way we can begin to say “thank you” for the many years of  success – in doing what we love to do.

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