Catsface Log

By Aspen Rustic

Our “Cats Face” table combines the naturally forming texture of the tree with the sound playability of a handcrafted Aspen Rustic billiard table in this stunning show of character.

“Cat’s Faces” can be seen in the natural bark outer parts of these trees. When a tree stands strong against the elements of nature, it endures many lightning bolts, wind gusts and snowy winters. With each scar comes a unique character mark in the skin of the tree.  We at Aspen Rustic find every opportunity to highlight these “Cat’s Faces” and make them an integral part of the cowboy Rocky Mountain experience.

With the help of our design staff we can work with your preferences to pick out just the right logs to use to complement the billiard room in your home or personal retreat. 

Let us help you design that perfect rustic pool table that fits your “mountain elegant” lifestyle.

You can always call us at any time during the process. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the perfect table!