A popular trend in today’s home decor seeks to include elements of the homeowners’ individual interests, activities, and past travels, within the “personality” of the interior design project. Well, we’ve been infusing our craft with this concept for years and are happy to share our success.

The featured craftsmen have been participating and sharing in the rustic style of life for many years now. They have worked with artists, designers and talented craftsmen in many parts of the country who also walk the proverbial walk. These elements of life can be woven into unique, custom-made furniture and architectural details of elegant beauty. Perhaps a rich pattern of hand stitching and antiquated patina found in a well-worn western saddle can be a leading influence in the stitching found within the well-appointed leather sofa found in the rustic game room. Consider historic antique beaver felt top hats acquired in a local antique shop can be used as custom lampshades in the pendant lighting above the antique billiard table to compliment the vintage shoeshine chair and antique lamp post in this roaring 20’s speakeasy themed man cave. Let us share in the opportunity to work with you on finding a perfect custom designed interior living space that brings out the best in your individual lifestyle.

These individuals are always learning from the best artists and designers in the industry and we are often called upon to infuse a contemporary approach into a rustic design project within a client’s home or commercial space. To achieve timeless design, one must look to rare historic examples of tasteful styles that have proven to survive and balance this with a thorough knowledge of new, modern resources and contemporary techniques available to ensure a lasting beauty. They are often featured and consistently take part in specialized art shows and leading design symposiums within the furniture trade and our craftsmen find many chances to rub elbows with other trend-setting leaders in our industry. Hand built craftsmanship can also gain something from the strength and beauty of new, green building techniques and materials. From reclaimed lumber and barn wood to the added precision of laser cut sustainable bamboo used in our custom game tables, these companies are leading the way towards good design of the future.